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Xsxswxsw article


So, we’ve accepted your request to join the Anton Dell Fashion Consultancy. You’ve just received the questionnaire but admittedly, you’re a little foggy on some of the questions… We’re here to advise!

Wwd magic tradeshow article


With an estimated 85,000 visitors, MAGIC currently holds the card for the most attendees outside of Shanghai Fashion week.

Menswear trends article

The Anton Dell Fashion Consultancy | MENSWEAR AND NEW TRENDS

There have been a number of key elements and emerging themes contributing to menswear trends, from vintage recycled fashions to gender fluidity and provocative designs.

Cpm moscow article


One of the most successful trade fairs in Eastern Europe to date – CPM – has just closed yet another Autumn Winter trade show. For those of you who are looking into expanding into the market, we have gathered some insights on the show and the market landscape from Christian Kasch, Project Director at CPM.

Zoso logo web article

The Anton Dell Fashion Consultancy | Zoso

Focusing on the modern woman, ZOSO offer a range of affordable and chic women’s clothing. Established in 1977 and based in Amsterdam, ZOSO prides itself on offering exceptional quality at a decent price.

Girls swap blog article

The Anton Dell Fashion Consultancy | Girls Swap Heels For Sneakers!

While sneakers have been a staple in fashion industry for over 100 years, interest in them has risen considerably throughout 2016. Marking its first year in history, studies show that sneakers outsold heeled footwear, among its female buyers.

Vestiarium logo article

The Anton Dell Fashion Consultancy | Vestiarium

Vestiarium, continue to produce womenswear garments in Estonia and Finland, since 2015.

Panama hatters logo web article

The Anton Dell Fashion Consultancy | Panama Hatters

Endorsed by Katy Perry, Kourtney Kardashian and Salma Hayek, Panama Hatters is the only handmade original panama hat company to COMBINE an Italian style and design with the heritage and Ecuadorian manufacturing.

Ablacon logo120 article

The Anton Dell Fashion Consultancy | Ablacon

Wanting to expand on sales and build the brand further, ALBACON provide durable and antibacterial underwear, specific to women in their menstrual cycle. The ingenious, eco-friendly and reusable invention, provides security to women in moments of uncertainty.

Little emperor blog article

The Anton Dell Fashion Consultancy | What The Little Emperor Wants, The Little Emperor Gets

Although a risky business for luxury brands in the past, children’s apparel has surpassed its previous front-runners - menswear and womenswear - for the top spot.

Hugin muninn logo article

The Anton Dell Fashion Consultancy | Huginn Muninn

Oozing traditional Icelandic textile traditions, the Huginn Muninn brand proudly champions empowerment and self-confidence for its customers.

Aristowled 2 article

The Anton Dell Fashion Consultancy | Aristow

Established in 2015, ARISTOW are an esteemed menswear brand. Creating affordable garments for men who appreciate quality. ARISTOW offer comprehensive collections including polo’s, shirts, t-shirts, trousers chinos, shorts, caps, blazers, swimwear and beach shoes.

Logo article

The Anton Dell Fashion Consultancy | Tsurpal

Established in 2014 and using the finest quality materials ever since, Tsurpal create trendy womenswear garments.

Knitwear trens blog article

The Anton Dell Fashion Consultancy | UP NEXT, KNITWEAR

With emerging categories in smart wear, tailoring, casualwear and the rising loungewear trend, knits and their delightful comfort, will be an important category for buyers this coming season.

A dam logo profile article

The Anton Dell Fashion Consultancy | A-Dam Underwear

Established in 2014, A-dam Underwear describe themselves as the ‘world’s freshest boxer brand’. With an overall charismatic and fresh approach to men’s boxers and shorts, A-dam Underwear design under garments for men with character.