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Carrie Bradshaw; best known for her impeccable taste in shoes, cocktails and god awful taste in sexual partners.

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Sexplained: I Couldn't Help But Wonder...

When you have some free time on your hands, it’s inevitable that you’ll get sucked into a television series and perhaps an Sex And The City (SATC) marathon is necessary.

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The Perils of Meeting the Parents

My mother, wise as she is, recently clued me in that relationships are about give and take. Here I was thinking that being spoilt with love, care and affection, was enough to cleverly avoid the inevitable: meeting the parents.

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What Azealia Banks' Twitter Rants Tell Us About Her Mental Stability ...

I’m certain that this week we’ve all sniggered at Azealia Banks’ nuance of Twitter tirades, but what is her actual deal? Well, my theory is that she’s cracked.

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Is It OK To Be Vocal During Sex?

Is it OK to be vocal during sex? Lauren Rae discusses whether sex should be silent....

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How Important Is Fashion When Dating?

In my time of dating – which feels decades long when in actuality is only a few years – the question of what to wear on a date seems like the definitive factor. From personal experience, dating is not only a chore but a game in itself. Each meeting is a test on how well, or perhaps how badly, a relationship may go from there on out.

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The Ex Radar

Lauren Rae discusses the ex radar... why do exes always try to sneak back into our lives when we're happy?...

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Is Porn Helpful or Harmful to Relationships?

It is inevitable that at some point in our lives we will stumble across porn on the Internet, whether it be through choice or not. Often we are subjected to porn by accident, harassed by the nude popups that accompany our favourite online TV shows when we ahem, watch them legally. But for those who watch it regularly or on occasion, we have a curious question. Is it helpful or harmful to relationships?

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What You Need Vs. What You Want

There’s always a common question about whether you absolutely need to buy an item of clothing that you locate, fawn over and eventually pick up and take to the checkout. The battling thought process of “Do I buy it or don’t I?” weighs on all of our minds as young shoppers, but when is it not the right time to buy something? My answer is never.

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The Evolution of Fashion Don'ts

With a new year upon us, I thought it necessary to look back on all the terrible fashions that led us up to – what we hope – will be a fashionable 2016. From pastel colour Kangol hats to trouser-skirts, it’s a wonder we all made it out alive.