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I'm a writer.

Copywriting, Product & Brand Descriptions, Ghost Writing, Editing, Working to Deadlines, Good English

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Quest For The Perfect Selfie

Navigating the digital world has its difficulties. You're forced to be switched on at all times, or risk losing out on the biggest scandals, best selfies and world updates.

A letter to my younger self 51002 07335 article

A Letter To My Younger Self

Okay, so admittedly life didn’t go the way we envisioned it would at 10 years of age...

10 stages of being a bridesmaid 06564 54713 article

10 Stages Of Being A Bridesmaid

It’s happened – a member of your clan has finally accepted the ring, in exchange for her heart and a wedding dress or whatever. It’s a joyous occasion, there are still a number stages of planning to come, but it’s happened – they put a ring on it!

Life lessons we ve learnt from satc 80651 63317 article

Life Lessons We’ve Learnt From SATC

One of the most relatable TV shows of our time is Sex and The City. Why? It was the first of its kind to discuss sex and relationships so openly, of course.

Ross geller article

7 Signs We're Just Like Ross Geller

While many of us grew up favouring that of Joey or Chandler, for their on-the-nose comedic approach, very few of us realised that the ‘Rossatron’ was the real unsung hero, of the series.

Just chill 7 things not to say to someone with anxiety 88506 77783 article

Just Chill: 7 Things Not To Say To Someone With Anxiety

Anxiety can often feel like a black hole, hidden bear trap and as if no one understands you all at the same time. Everyone with anxiety feels it in different ways but inevitably, we’re all struggling through the same awful penance.